Paycheck Loans and Emergency Cash are locally owned, operated and have been licensed in the State of Colorado since 1995. We have many customers who have been coming to us for their small loan needs for over ten years. In this period of time we have made over 110,000 loans to local residents.

     Small loans to qualified customers is our only business. We do not sell money orders or accept utility payments. Our focus is on the lending needs of the working person who is often ignored by the big commercial banks or mortgage companies. We have the time to work with you on an individual basis and understand the cash needs of the small loan customer.

     We have two locations in the Denver area to serve you and do not make loans over the internet. Many internet lenders are not licensed by the state of Colorado. Their interest charges, servicing fees exceed the limits set by the state. In addition, their documentation and collection practices are not supervised by the state and often do not conform to Colorado law. We believe we can provide a better service to you on a face to face basis at one of our locations.

     Our employees each average over 9 years of experience with our company and can offer you valuable advice on your loan needs. Come in and meet Josh, RaeAnna, Ilene, or Wendi when you need a loan on short notice. They are trained and experienced to provide you with fast friendly service.